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Shower Gel olives and rice milk, 500ml

Shower Gel olives and milk rice

Capacity: 500ml

● The richness of olive oil and rice milk straight from Nature.
● Joyful moment of pleasure.
● Gentle washing, good moisturizing protection with neutral pH.
● It leaves a warm note aroma.
● Olive oil nourishes, regenerates and strengthens the skin, nutritious, vegetable rice milk improves the appearance of skin is silky smooth and soft.
0% parabens, silicones, PEG
brand Green Pharmacy
article number 5904567051244
+ VAT 23,00 %
pieces per package 1
Weight in kg 0,5
minimum order quantity 3  PU (packing units)
PUs pieces price/piece net value  
3 3 register register shopping cart  
6 6 register register shopping cart  
12 12 register register shopping cart  
minus Promotional Discount 8 %  

PU = Packing Unit

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